The Editor


There are 3 modes while creating a game:

  1. Edit
  2. Play
  3. Inspection

By default, you will be in Edit mode. Press the Play button or F5 to switch to Play mode.

Press F5 while in Play mode to switch to Inspection mode.

Any changes made in Inspection mode are not saved.

Press the Resume button or F5 to switch back to Play mode.

Press the Stop button or Shift + F5 while in Inspection mode to switch back to Edit mode.


Save your world at anytime while in Edit mode by pressing the Save button or Control + S.

Your world will be saved in your documents folder (typically C:\Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents\FuturePerfect). The file name should specify the package directory and file name like package_name/ If you don't specify the world extension it will automatically be added.


While in Edit or Inspection mode, hold down the Right Mouse Button or Shift + Left Mouse Button To activate camera movement.

W - Move forward.
S - Move backward.
A - Move left.
D - Move right.
Control - Speed up camera movement.


The world is made up of entities. Entities have a name, position, rotation, a parent, children, and tags.

Entities can also contain components. Some examples of components are:

These components make an entity visible, physical, or allow it to interact with other entities in the world in some other way.


There are 3 ways to create an entity. Either from scratch, by cloning, or from a blueprint. Cloning and blueprints are covered in more detail below.

To create a new entity, first open the Asset Browser by moving your cursor to the right side of the screen or by pressing A.

Type Empty into the search field. Left Click on the blueprint named Empty. Move the cursor away from the Asset Browser and you will see an icon following your cursor.

Left Click anywhere in the world to create the entity.


To delete an entity, first select it and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.


When an entity is selected, it will be highlighted blue.

Left Click on an entity to select it.

To add or remove an entity from the selection, hold the Control button while using Left Click on the entity.

You can select many entities at once by holding down the Left Click button and dragging across the world. Left go of Left click and every entity within the selection rectangle will be selected.

Moving/Rotating Entities

When an entity is selected, it can be moved or rotated.

To switch between the move and rotate modes, press Space.

To move an entity, press and hold the Left Click button on any of the 3 arrows on the move gizmo and then move the mouse.

To rotate an entity, press and hold the Left Click button on any of the 3 rings on the rotate gizmo and then move the mouse.

The gizmo is snapped to a grid. The spacing in the grid can be increased and decreased with the + and - keys respectively. Holding down Alt while manipulating the gizmo will disable snapping to the grid.


Drag Clone

An entity can be copied by holding down the Control key while using the move gizmo to move the entity. In this case, a copy of the entity will be created and moved.

Copy + Paste

One way to clone an entity is to copy and paste it.

Press Control + C while an entity or entities are selected to copy them to the clipboard. Press Control + V to paste what was copied back into the world as a copy.

You can also use this mechanism outside of the game to copy and paste entities into a text document for example. It will look like this:

        name="Platform A" 
        origin=[0.770107 3.014261 -33.0] 
        angles=[-0.0 0.0 -1.570796] 
            {type="Model" model_name="packages/platforms/platform_a.model"} 
            {type="Collision" collision_name="packages/platforms/platform_a.physics" collision_physics=false collision_gravity=true collision_filter="Solid"}


An entity can have many components. These components represent visual, auditory, and logical objects that the entity is made out of.

Adding a Component

When an entity is selected, press the Add Component button and select the component type to add.

Removing a Component

Select the component you want to delete and press the on screen Delete button.

Editing a Component

Select the component you want to edit. A panel will appear with the properties that can be configured on the component.


Blueprints are instructions to build an entity or entities.

You can place a blueprint into the world by opening the Asset Browser by moving your cursor to the right edge of the screen.

This will display a list of the available blueprints. Select a blueprint using the Left Click button. You may then place this blueprint into the world, creating an entity, by moving your cursor out of the Asset Browser and into the world and then press the Left Click button.